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PowerBuilder Training

Increase the productivity of your team through targeted, qualified training of your employees.
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We offer a variety of courses, which always meet the respective knowledge level of the participants.

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Your Trainer is Micheal Kramer!

Michael is an Appeon PowerBuilder MVP and an independent instructor, developer, and advisor focused on PowerBuilder and related topics, such as SQL databases, design patterns, .NET core, and Lean/agile practices. He has developed in PowerBuilder since 1993, certified as developer and instructor since 1995, and defines himself as a software craftsman. Michael is a regular presenter at conferences, seminars, webinars, or user group meetings.

Michael Kramer

PowerBuilder Instructor since 1995

Training offer

The trainings are in English language.

PowerBuilder Basic courses



PowerBuilder Jump Start Classroom 5
Developer’s Guide to DataWindow Technology Classroom 3
Object-Oriented PowerBuilder Development Classroom 3
Develop Service-Based Systems with PowerBuilder Classroom 2

PowerBuilder Advanced seminars



PowerBuilder Internals Seminar 1
Advanced PowerScript Techniques Seminar 1
Advanced PowerBuilder UI Controls Seminar 1
App-to-App Integration Seminar 1

DataWindow Advanced seminars



DataWindow Internals Seminar 1
DataWindow UI Techniques Seminar 1
Data Processing Using DataWindows Seminar 1
Data Exchange Using DataWindows and Pipelines Seminar 1

Development Process and Praxis Seminare



Version Control and Build Automation Seminar 1
Code Quality and Design Principles Seminar 1
Design Patterns and Practices Seminar 1