Advanced PowerScript Techniques

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Date(s) - 15/03/2018 - 31/12/2018



This is a deep dive into the PowerScript language, object-oriented programming, and selected agile techniques in a PowerBuilder context. It also presents configuration options and runtime changes to application’s code.

Main Learning Points
  • PowerScript language: Encapsulation features, conditional compilation, late binding, exceptions and error handling, database functionality, performance, multi-threading
  • Object-oriented programming: Encapsulation, dependency injection, inheritance vs. composition, service classes, implementing interfaces, method chaining
  • Agile techniques: feature flags, programming-by-intention, monolith vs. services, build automation
  • Maintaining legacy applications: Migrate vs. stay, introducing new code styles
  • Knowledge of PB runtime behavior as in PowerBuilder Internals or similar
  • 6-12 months of PowerBuilder programming


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