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Your partner for PowerBuilder

You need a reliable partner for your PowerBuilder programs?

Whatever problem you have:
We are sure to find the right solution!


PowerBuilder is our passion!

For more than 25 years, we have been developing customized software with PowerBuilder for our customers.
As an Appeon Consulting Partner , we are of course familiar with the latest developments. With our knowledge we are sought-after speakers at national and international PowerBuilder conferences.

Our customers also appreciate the flexibility with which we can adapt to the respective challenges.

Some of the solutions for our customer

Emergency insurance

Your problem

You have no more developers for your PowerBuilder programs. However, your software runs stable in principle. You only need someone occasionally to make small changes. And who is there for you if a serious problem occurs.

Our solution

We install your operational development environment on our servers. And are immediately ready for use when you need help.

Your advantage

You meet your responsibility for secure operation in an optimal way and with minimal effort.

Ongoing support

Your problem

In your software there are regular adjustments and additions to be made. You also provide support for your users. However, your own PowerBuilder capacities are understaffed and difficult to supplement. An external partner could complement you optimally.

Our solution

We maintain your programs remotely on your development environment and react reliably to all entries in your bug tracking system.

Your advantage

With a framework contract you secure flexible developer capacities. You give your users stable support.

Project cooperation

Your problem

You urgently need to adapt or extend your PowerBuilder program. But you do not have the necessary developer capacities or your team lacks current PowerBuilder know-how. Therefore you want to strengthen your team temporarily.

Our solution

We support you with our experienced staff. On demand in all phases of software development.

Your advantage

You can meet your requirements on time and additionally benefit from the great experience of our employees.

External development

Your problem

You have a successful product and want to fully concentrate on sales and specification of your software. Or you want to program a new, modern software with your developers and are looking for someone to take care of your old programs for the time being.

Our solution

We take over the complete maintenance and further development for your programs. Either on your servers or on ours.

Your advantage

You can fully concentrate on your new focus and have developers assigned to you for the long term.

Do any of these examples fit for you?

If not, we are sure to find the right answer to your problems!


What our customers say

Stephan Pape

Regierungsdirektor und Referatsleiter

Referat für Informations- und Kommunikationstechnik, Niedersächsisches Landesamt für Bau und Liegenschaften

Christian Beis

ERP- Business Application Manager Europe

GATX Rail Germany GmbH

Mario Dietrich

Referent AE Verbundgeschäft/LBS & Dokumentenmanagement

Helaba Landesbank Hessen-Thüringen

Power People has been a reliable partner for the development of our PowerBuilder programs for almost 10 years. We were and are amazed at how quickly the developers have familiarized themselves with our very complex specialist application.
The Power People employees program adaptations and new functions for our specialist application professionally and expertly according to our specifications.

They also reliably provide us with 2nd and 3rd level support, where the very fast response times are particularly noteworthy. This has enabled us to almost completely avoid unplanned downtime in recent years.

In summary, I can say that the quality of the development, the reliability of the effort estimation and the adherence to schedules are the guarantors for this good cooperation.

Power People has been supporting us in the development of our PowerBuilder programs for over 10 years. We particularly appreciate the high professional competence and many years of experience of their employees.

Especially when introducing new PowerBuilder features and technologies, they are always a valuable help to us.



We have been working with Power People for over 20 years.

In the beginning, they strengthened our team during the new development of our Power Builder programs and supported us in building up the developers’ know-how.

Today, we still like to use Power People as a service provider for specific orders.

In doing so, we benefit from their always up-to-date Power Builder know-how and their quick familiarization with the subject matter.

We are glad to have such a competent and reliable partner.

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Convince yourself!

You may wonder if it’s not all far too expensive.

Of course, performance has a price. But in return all worries about your PowerBuilder programs are taken away from you.
As a strong partner, someone is always available for you!

In addition, you can deploy your developers where it will bring you the most revenue.
By directing your internal resources to productive future tasks, you can make real savings and celebrate successes where they are noticed by your superiors.

We even help you save money in the process:
In our maintenance models, you can flexibly shift the booked hourly quota. Just as the work arises. So you only pay for the work itself.
In addition, you can often save on hardware and the necessary PowerBuilder licenses.
When you add it all up, you’ll be amazed at how affordable it is.

This gives you peace of mind and a few less worries!

Do they have to decide already?

No, of course not!

Even if you have some PowerBuilder developers, the risk is quite high that in case of a failure due to vacation, illness or departure, the proper operation is endangered. But good PowerBuilder developers are hard to find. Especially when you need someone unexpectedly.

With a strong external partner like us, this risk can be hedged very well.
That’s why you should plan for the long term. We can design your solutions for the future today.

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